My name is Nick Michael and I am a collegiate strength and conditioning coach.  I have a passion for fitness and love being outdoors. My fitness journey began in 2003 and I’ve never looked back.  Between my time playing professional basketball overseas and relocating for new strength positions I’ve lived in over 10 cities in the last 10 years.  Through my travels I have found it difficult to locate an outdoor fitness space.  That’s why I’ve created Organick Gym.

Organick Gym

A combination of the outdoors and fitness.  It’s an organic, basic, no frills approach.  It’s an outdoor fitness space designed by a fitness enthusiast.  Great results require hard work, and I hope to inspire others to embrace that mentality.  My exercise tutorials will assist beginners and provide refreshers and tips for experts.  I will make suggestions of quality equipment that can be purchased to add variety to your training regiment.

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